Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome to Our Susu!

"What is a Susu?" I've been getting hit with that question pretty much non-stop since I started work on the site. In simplest terms, a Susu is a way to save and borrow money with people you trust. Everyone invests. Everyone saves. The key to it is that everyone does it together. My family has been running Susus for most of my life. I've seen them used to launch businesses, for down payments on cars, for vacations, even for things such as home repair. I've used them personally for the down-payment during the purchase of my home and even to start a few small ventures, this one included.

In our current economy where small business loans and personal loans are so hard to obtain, Susus are an excellent alternative. This site is my way of taking what has helped me so much and modernizing it to help others.

You might think it's strange to save, lend and borrow money with people you know. I, personally, think it's much stranger that we are so quick to lend and borrow with institutions we don't.

Carlton Langley
Founder, Our Susu

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