Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Susu? To Save in Uncertain Times

Note from Over the next two months the Our Susu blog will feature entries from new and experienced Susu users participating in our Emergency Fund Susu.

I Susu in a time of uncertainty

I stink at saving. I have what I consider a savings account. But, I suppose, a more appropriate name for it would be “Coach is having a sale and I NEED a new bag” account. Now, like many Americans, the threat of unemployment is looming and those bags won’t pay the rent. But what can I do? My Coach bags are empty; my savings account is lean. I have waited until the 11th hour to try to right this train. Enter the susu.

I was invited to join this Susu and at first I said no. While I trusted my friends and family to put in their share every week, I just wasn’t sure how it would work or why I should bother. I thought that I would need that $50 a week that is being withdrawn from my account. And I do need it. But left to my own devices, I’ll be tempted to buy a bag instead of paying my utilities. It’s not pretty, but it’s real.

So here I am. In my first Susu. I don’t need to worry about spending the money because it is whisked away before I can get my hands on it. And when I get my payout, I’ll roll it into another susu. Then another. Until a TRUE emergency rears its ugly head and then I’ll have my emergency fund to cushion the fall.

Emergency Fund Susu Member
Recovering Coach Purse Addict

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