Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Susu Saver with a Costco Problem

Note from OurSusu.com: Throughout March the Our Susu blog will feature entries from new and experienced Susu users participating in our Emergency Fund Susu.

My husband joined and so I had to join, too. Other than that, I didn’t have a real reason for joining the Susu. You see, I consider myself to be pretty financially savvy. I know where my money goes; I keep my credit in check; I have the emergency, college and retirement savings funds, the life insurance and other investments all set up; and I’m not too out of control with my spending. So, I really wondered what was the point of doing this.

Then one day, I found my answer in the strangest of places: The Costco parking lot. I went there to buy Pull-Ups for my son and $300 and a cart full of stuff I didn’t need later, I realized that I didn’t need to save for an emergency… I needed to save for Costco. And the Susu is the perfect vehicle. I barely noticed the money coming out of my bank account each week, and I stayed out of Costco the whole time. Now I have a nice little wad of cash to drop on that case of canned tomatoes, 10-pack of toothbrushes, some new mats for my car and maybe a new set of knives. Oh, and yes, I’ll get some Pull-Ups, too. Added bonus -- my husband can't say a thing. He's the blogger from a couple of weeks ago whose "emergency" was needing a new flat screen or a phone. Well, he has his new phone. Maybe with our next Susu he'll get the TV? My next Susu will be for Target. I’m going to need to increase my savings for that one.

If you think a Susu is not for you because you already have your financial house in order, think again. You probably have a Costco issue, too.


Emergency Costco Fund Susu Member

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