Wednesday, April 21, 2010

End of an Emergency but the Beginning of Better Saving Practices

Note: This is the final entry from Emergency Fund Susu participants.

Now that our first Emergency Fund Susu has ended, I have never been more sure that providing this service is the right thing to do. About 90% of the participants in the Emergency Fund Susu were first-time Susu participants and have made a commitment to continue saving money using Our Susu!

One thing we heard over and over again from participants is that they weren’t “missing” the money they put towards savings. That's exactly what saving should be about and why I started Our Susu. I wanted people to see how easy it is to save money without affecting your day-to-day activities. Whether that saving is for purchasing "Man Stuff,” relieving your Costco addiction, small business saving for a rainy day, or for the savvy investor who values dollar cost averaging, Our Susu has the mechanism to achieve those goals. Join in the party and see how Our Susu can help you save without missing a beat!

Founder, Our Susu & Emergency Fund Susu member

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